Le réseau Internet ; distinguer ce phénomène en Egypte

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The WWW, mostly known as “The Internet” has spread all across the universe like an epidemic .It had reached every country, every city & every home.


Therefore, Egypt has also received its benefits & inconvenient from this superb invention.


Kids, teenagers, youth, adults & even old people take advantages of the Net.

Uses differ from one category to another…

Kids & teenagers: having fun is their goal .Whether it is chatting with their friends or playing games, it is strictly entertainment.

Youth & Adults: It is a bit more beneficial. They use it to do school researches.

Speed” is their object & they find “it “



One phenomenal “The Internet Café” has spread all across Egypt very fast.

Intended in the first place, to help people who can’t afford the internet .Turned as a bad thing in the end.


People & especially kids go to these places seeking fun, privacy & most importantly no supervision …they want to do what they want .So all kids have to do is pay a sum of money, get in & do whatever they want; from playing illegal games to watching obscene sites.

Damages are incontrollable.


With wireless connections available these days, this phenomenal is mostly popular in poor regions where ignorance is huge & no self-preservation can be noticed.


The lack of government’s supervision should be reconsidered in order to set the record straight on regulations & close illegal locations.

Protecting younger generations should be our number one priority …!!

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