L'art en Egypte (côté historique)

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Egypt is the cultural capital of the Arab world .The culture of Egypt has five thousand years of recorded history .Egypt maintained a stable culture that had an influence on later cultures of Europe, the Middle East & Africa.


Literature in Egypt:

During the Greco-roman period (332 BC-639 AD), Egyptian literature was translated into other languages. The great city of Alex had the famous library of almost half a million hand written books during the third century BC. During the first few centuries of Christian era, Egypt was the ultimate source of ascetic literature in the Coptic language .Now in the Arabic language, Al-Azhar university was founded in Cairo which to this day remains the most important centre of Islamic learning.

Egypt has some of the famous writers like Tawfik El Hakim, Taha Hussein & Naguib Mahfouz who had won the Nobel Prize.


Cinema in Egypt:

Egypt has a strong cinematic tradition since the 1930s, having the only motion picture industry in the Arab world.

The golden age of Egyptian cinema was in the 1940s to 1950s .During that period Omar El Sherif emerged as a major international star. Directors such as Youssef Shahin had an international respect .Egypt's leading literary lights, including Tawfik El Hakim & Taha Hussein has written for the cinema.


Theatre in Egypt:

Theatre appeared in Egypt during the French campaign in 1798. In 1869 Khedive Ismail established the French comedy theatre & the Opera House to receive the delegations participating in the celebrations he prepared for his guests in the occasion of opening the Suez Canal .He also established another theatre in AL Azbakia Garden in 1870.The year 1921 witnessed the birth of the first national theatre .Cairo had thirteen theatres such as Opera, Britannia, Arab Acting House.

The existence of such theatres indicates the reality of the theatrical artistic activity in the first decades of the 20th century.

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