Le football (aussi populaire chez nous ...!!!)

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Football in Egypt is undoubtedly the most popular sport, which enjoys a huge fan following. Football in Egypt is greatly promoted by the Egyptian football association which has been instrumental in promoting the game. The national Football team of Egypt is popular known as The Pharos; the Egyptian football team was the first African team to participate in World Cup in the year 1934, after this it has qualified in the year 1990.

The Egyptian Premier League for the 2006/2007 season has sixteen teams. The two most popular football clubs of Egypt include "Zamalek" and "Ahly".Other popular clubs are "Ithad","Mokawlooan El Arab", "Masri"and "Ismaili"among others. Some of the popular Egyptian footballers include "Ahmed Fathi" ," Ahmed Hassan","Bishir El Tabey","Hossam Ghaly", "Ahmed Hossam mostly known as “Mido”,"Amir Azmy"and many others.  

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